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Reach a new audience

Sell your products to the best Web3 audience with no monthly fees, no listing fees, no Bank / CC required & native crypto payment processing.
Fully managed shipping.

Peer-to-peer commerce

You will enjoy a decentralized marketplace that gives power back to people and merchants, users are able to buy and sell directly with each other without the need for a central authority or intermediaries with the power of self-executing smart contracts.

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Web3 audience

Web3 users will have a one-stop shop to buy any physical products securely inside the Web3 ecosystem, merchants will bring their presence to the Web3 space with unparalleled security, low-cost global platform and a super transparent relationship with their customers.

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Market research & Product design
Architecture design
On-chain data storage algorithm



Marketing experts partnership
Community building - Ecosystem partnerships
Media coverage - Waitlist of early users & merchants
Public Testnet app launch
VC seed funding
Mainnet launch & deployment to app stores
First 500 merchants
Community Feedbacks & Development


Start selling on Web3

Perpetual3 marketplace has everything you need to get started

You just need a wallet to setup your shop in minutes.

  • Use your wallet to setup your Web3 storefront
  • Upload your listings
  • Start selling to Web3 users
  • Pay low order processing fees
  • Enjoy a self-regulated decentralized marketplace without middlemen
  • Use our simple shipping management system
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Shop globally on Web3

As a web3 user, you will just use your wallet to buy any kind of product in seconds, securely.

  • Use your wallet to buy any physical product, forget sending sensitive informations online
  • Share your info only with the merchants you want
  • Earn token rewards up to 50% of your spending
  • Trust a fully transparent on-chain reputation system
  • Get full supply chain history of products
  • Forget phishing and passwords to remember, you just use your wallet
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Frequently asked questions

What is Perpetual3 Marketplace?

Perpetual3 Marketplace is a new way of doing e-commerce. It's a decentralized online marketplace that enables buyers and sellers to conduct transactions directly with each other without the need for intermediaries on top of Blockchain technology, which means lower fees, more security, faster and more transparent experience for users.

What are the benefits for end-users?

Web3 users will finally be able to buy any physical product using only their wallet, they will have full transparency on products sold, more secure platform without risks of phishing, private alternative marketplace without data analytics on their personal info or spending habits, faster checkouts and sign-in, transparent on-chain reputation system, token rewards up to 50% on their spendings.

What are the benefits for merchants?

Merchants will be able to directly reach the Web3 audience, pay lower fees, accept cryptos securely, get direct access to their customers' data, get instant payouts, self regulate their shops, real on-chain verified reviews, faster accounting, launch special NFTs campaigns linked to physical products, access the meta verse audience, sell merchandise along side NFTs and create special loyalty programs, get direct access to DeFi tools.

Powered by the Community

Verified Customers Reviews

Thanks to blockchain technology, all reviews are verified by a smart contract and are stored on-chain, this allows for a high degree of transparency and security.

Open to proposals

We want to shape the marketplace based on users and merchants needs, proposals are welcomed and will be taken very seriously.

Green Marketplace

Our company is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
That's why we've implemented a green internet infrastructure in all of our operations.
Powered by Algorand Blockchain.

Transparent reputation system

Customers reviews and other factors will build the reputation of merchants inside the blockchain, this will help users make informed decision based on tamperproof and transparent data.