Arbitration service

If users cannot find a solution using our automatic dispute resolution system or external online dispute resolution system, they can open a case with our arbitration service, once a case is opened both parties have 7 days to submit evidence stated in the arbitration service policy. After the 7 days period a professional third party will examine the case and enforce the result.

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Dispute Resolution & Refunds

Arbitration service

Please note that the current price of opening a case for arbitration is fixed to 49 USDC and is managed by Perpetual3 organization, we are currently working on decentralizing securely this service using decentralized court blockchain models, similar to Aragon court and in order to provide a decentralized arbitration service based on professional e-commerce specialists.

Arbitration process

The arbitration process is divided in four phases:

  • User open a case and pays 49 USDC
  • Both buyer and seller get notified
  • Both parties have 7 days to submit evidence
  • After the 7 days period the evidence is analyzed and a verdict is released with on-chain voting
Payment enforcement

After the verdict from the arbitration process, payment can be enforced by the arbitrator if one of the following condition is met:

  • Funds are locked in escrow, the arbitrator can unlock the funds to the winning party
  • Funds are already in merchant wallet, arbitrator can transfer all the future sales funds of merchants to the winning party until the refund is complete
  • Merchant has an Insurance fund, arbitrator will transfer money from that fund to the winning party
  • Funds are not in escrow, merchant stops business and doesn't have an insurance fund, payment must be enforced by law