Automatic Dispute Resolution

In case of disputes buyers and sellers can mutually agree on using our automatic dispute resolution system, which will help settle disputes based on propositions, they will be able to agree on: full refunds, returns, percentage refund or replacement option. In rare cases where users cannot find a suitable solution they can escalate to external online dispute resolution systems.

Buyer & Seller Protection
Dispute Resolution & Refunds

Automatic Dispute Resolution

In our decentralized e-commerce marketplace we provide the best tools to resolve disputes in the fastest and cheapest way possible, with our tools disputes can be resolved with mutual negotiation and without escalating to arbitration services or international lawsuits, in rare cases where our ADR systems can't help you can choose to use an external online dispute resolution system or our arbitration service.

Dispute resolution mechanism

Buyers and sellers can use our free tool to find the a solution and resolve a dispute, our system is based on propositions and you will be asked to mutually agree on one of the following propositions:

  • Full refund, a merchant agrees to execute a full refund
  • Percentage refund, buyer and seller agree in a percentage refund
  • Product replacement, a merchant agrees in replacing a product
  • Product return, merchant agree in accepting a return and performs a refund based on their return policy

Our ADR will result in faster dispute resolution without a third party mediator and will provide the lot of benefits to the community that will have access to a standard and automatic communication system for fast and cheap dispute resolution.