Direct Payments

Merchants will publish their accepted cryptocurrencies on their Web3 store front and choose to process orders with direct payments which transfers funds directly to their wallets on each order, they will be able to offer trust-less escrow system in order to provide more security to their customers, we recommend escrow only on high value transactions.

Payments & Orders

Direct Payments

Direct payments system is the default fully automated payment processing method and is recommended for all merchants.

Smart contract orders management

With the direct payments system merchants will just need to upload their listings and our smart contract will automatically process the following operations:

  • Calculate correct amount the buyer needs to transfer based on product (price * quantity) + shipping rates
  • Optionally change inventory after an order
  • Generate an NFT representing the order of the buyer
  • Apply a 5% fee on processed orders
  • Transfer buyer funds to Merchants wallet
Automatic platform operations

After the order is processed by the smart contract and the NFT of the order is generated, the client app will perform the following operations:

  • Notify the merchant about the order waiting to be fulfilled
  • Send buyer informations to merchants
  • Create a direct chat-based communication channel

To find out how to fulfill pending orders, please refer to Order fulfillment