Decentralized orders processing system

Orders are processed completely by smart contracts, buyers will use their dashboard to submit orders which contains product id and quantity desired and the smart contract will automatically calculate the required amount to pay and then creates an NFT representing the order.

Payments & Orders

Decentralized orders processing system

Smart contract orders management

All orders on Perpetual3 marketplace is managed automatically by our smart contracts, merchants will just need to upload their listings and our smart contract will automatically process the following operations:

  • Calculate correct amount the buyer needs to transfer based on product (price * quantity) + shipping rates
  • Optionally change inventory after an order
  • Generate an NFT representing the order of the buyer
  • Apply a 5% fee on processed orders
  • Transfer buyer funds to Merchants wallet
Orders fulfilment

Merchants can fulfill pending orders using their dashboards, in order to successfully fulfill an order the merchants must perform the following operations:

  • Create a shipping label with our automated tool
  • Pack the product and wait for carrier pick-up
  • Confirm order fulfillment in order to notify the buyer that the order was successfully processed

In case the merchant has their own shipping service, he just needs to insert the tracking number of the shipment to complete order fulfillment and send a notification to the buyer.