Transparent listings and inventory

Merchants are required to publish their listings and inventory on-chain in order to provide the most secure and transparent experience to their customer and also harness the power of blockchain technology for their business. Listings will always be accessible on-chain and cannot be edited without leaving a trace, this will guarantee to the buyer a proof of which order details was agreed upon. Merchants can also choose to integrate one of our partner technology for providing product origin traceability of supply-chain and authenticity

Transparent commerce

Transparent listings and inventory

In order to provide maximum transparency and security to Perpetual3 Marketplace platform all listings and inventory is publicly available on-chain, this will ensure that upon each order the product details and quantity is stored immutably on-chain, this will ensure that in case of any dispute, evidence of the order details is always stored securely in the same place without any risk of data tampering.

Transparency for global commerce

Order details is stored immutably with tamper proof data storage technology, this will ensure the following benefits for commerce:

  • Order details evidence is always available and will ensure effective and fast dispute resolution
  • Shared inventory management that will improve inventory management for businesses
  • Unparalleled security for users, without a central database storing listings and inventory informations data is not susceptible to hacking attacks