Reputation system

On Perpetual3 the reputation of merchants is the most important part of the business, reputation is built with verified on-chain number of transactions, reviews and disputes resolved. The reputation of merchants cannot be altered or deleted by anyone and is important for buyers in order to choose a reputable and good-standing merchant. Reputation of buyers as well is considered very important for buyers as well and can be used by merchants in order to target a specific audience

Buyer & Seller Protection
Transparent commerce

Reputation System

The reputation system on Perpetual3 Marketplace is a core part of our platform, all of the reputation of a merchant is based on data stored on-chain, reputation is built with time and cannot be altered by anyone.

Reputation building algorithm

Our open source reputation building algorithm is used to assign reputation points and trust level to merchants and is based on the following key factors:

  • Average verified reviews rating
  • Number of success full transaction
  • Amount of funds processed on all transactions
  • Open disputes
  • Dispute cases won/lost

With the analyzes of this key elements buyers will have a fast and direct understanding of the good-standing of the merchants their buying from and will give them a carefree payment experiece.