Shipping solution

We provide multiple solutions for merchants to ship their products, they can choose to use our shipping solution that provides shipping label creation and pick up, they can choose to connect their Carriers aggregator account or their preferred Carrier account using just their API key.

Payments & Orders

Shipping strategy

Smart contract will calculate and adapt to different shipping strategy, merchants can offer: flat rate shipping, free shipping (also suitable for pick up in store)

Flat rate shipping

Flat rate shipping is a pricing strategy that allows e-commerce businesses to offer consistent and predictable shipping costs to their customers at checkout. With this approach, businesses can either set a single flat price for all products or create price-based or weight-based conditions that display specific shipping costs at checkout.

To use this strategy effectively, businesses need to calculate their own shipping fees. To avoid overcharging or undercharging for shipping, it's important to consider the average price for shipping a package. For example, a business could choose to charge $5 for all domestic shipments.

One of the main benefits of flat rate shipping is that it sets clear expectations for customers. Businesses can add a table with their flat shipping rates to their shipping and delivery page, allowing customers to easily check shipping costs before they reach the checkout.

In addition, businesses can also activate transit time and processing time for their flat shipping rates, which allows them to show expected delivery dates at checkout. This helps to set clear expectations for customers and ensure that they receive their orders in a timely manner.

Free shipping

Free shipping is a pricing strategy that allows e-commerce businesses to offer free shipping to their customers. This can be a powerful marketing tool and can help to increase cart conversion rates. To promote free shipping, businesses can use banners or other visual elements in their online store to highlight this offer.

Free shipping can also be combined with a flat rate shipping strategy. For example, a business could offer free shipping for orders that are over a certain value, such as $50. This can help to increase the total order value and encourage customers to make larger purchases.

However, it's important to note that shipping is never actually free. Businesses need to include a portion of their shipping fees in their product prices to account for this cost. To do this, businesses can calculate the average cost to ship their products and then add a buffer to their product prices.

Perpetual3 Shipping

With Perpetual3 shipping, merchants will be able to manage shipping with our easy to use solution, they will able to create a shipping label directly from their dashboard and schedule pick-up.

Integrations with Shipping APIs

Merchants that are already using a carrier aggregator service can connect to our supported list of services just by using their API key, we're currently working to integrate the following services:

ShippyPro, ClickPost

ShipEngine, EasyPost

Integrations with Carriers APIs

Merchants can also choose to connect to their preferred carrier using just their API key, we're currently working to integrate the following carriers:

FedEx, UPS