Simple Returns

Returns are regulated by the merchant return policy and are made simple by our platform, you can contact directly contact the seller and open a return request, based on the situation buyer or seller will pay to the smart contract the required amount to initiate shipping and their package will be picked up in specified location and sent back. In case of disputes a user can use our tools for online dispute resolution and automatic dispute resolution in rare cases you can ask for an arbitration service which will manage the dispute.

Buyer & Seller Protection
Dispute Resolution & Refunds

Returns made simple

We want to provide a seamless experience for users that are accustomed to web3 e-commerce experience and we want to provide a simple return process even in a completely decentralized marketplace.

Peer-to-peer returns

In case a buyer is not satisfied with a product received, we provide a straightforward process to manage returns, in order to start a return process we provide the following features:

  • Merchants can publish their return policy on their account and it will dictate how the buyer must behave in order to manage a return
  • Buyers can start a return request directly from their dashboard, this will contact the seller about your request
  • Buyers can communicate with sellers with a direct end-to-end encrypted chat
  • Based on return policy published by the merchant the party that needs to pay for delivery of the item to be returned can create a shipping label and a carrier service will pick up the package for delivery.