Verified Business Badge

Merchants can apply for business verification in order to receive a NFT verification badge that certifies the business ownership and informations provided by the merchants. The verified business NFT is currently released by Perpetual3 Labs but the service will soon be decentralized and accessible by any service provider that can perform KYB verifications.

Buyer & Seller Protection

Verified Business Badge

In order to provide maximum transparency and security to Perpetual3 Marketplace platform we provide a special service to businesses that want to have a verified business badge, this badge release by Perpetual3 organization is releases in form of NFT after a success full KYB verification process.

KYB process

The business verification process is straightforward and managed automatically by our KYB processors partners, the costs of verifying your business is a one time fee of 99 USDC and provides the following benefits:

  • Merchants can transfer your business reputation directly to the Web3 space
  • Buyers will ha an additional layer of trust while shopping and will be secure that the merchants they are dealing with is a registered and reputable business